Idol PV review March part 2

Task have Fun – Kimi Nanda Kara

Task have Fun has come to impress with their song “Kimi nanda kara”.  This is a song I have seen them perform live before new year and I loved quite a lot, not knowing too much of their music at the time. Just like “3WD” this song is another amazing live song and is represented greatly in this PV. Task have Fun brought back the horns I loved so much from their previous songs and paired it with this groovy guitar and bass sound. I love the style they edit the PV with the boxes sliding in and out. Just a mesmerizing PV to watch.

Song 5/5

PV 5/5 – Oyasumi Polaris Sayonara Parallel World

With the departure of Mogami Moga and the addition Nemoto Nagi and Naname Rin (Perorin) this song has some new vocal flavors to it. The song is generally what I kind of expected from Dempagumi with no crazy changes. The song has that bouncy jazz sound to it and consists of some great piano playing. The PV is fun with the members shooting aliens and lounging in a field with furniture.

Song 4/5

PV 4/5

ROSARIO+CROSS – Dai Dondengaeshi

ROSARIO+CROSS kick it out with their 7th single “Dai Dondengaeshi”. This song is a eccentric pop song with some light electro synths. This is one of those songs that has a really good chorus that sticks into your head. There is not much else special to it besides that. I like lighting and bright coloured wardrobe they use in this PV.

Song 2.5/5

PV 3/5


To start off the year Wa-suta welcomes us to dream. This PV is a solid and sticks to usual pop sound that Wa-suta is known for. I think this song kind of sticks too close to the comfort zone for me and I don’t get much out of it.  It follows sort the formula of each member getting a part then Nanase and Ruka just killing it with heavy vocals. The PV has the “Idol Japan” filter on it which is when they washout all the colour with this pasty fog brightness. I like the concept of the triple vertical bars, but it looks a lot messier than how Task have Fun did it. Also, we saw some interesting CG work with them holding their miniature selves.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3/5


This is a fun PV with the members of Kamiyado playing around at a karaoke. The song is catchy and has some fun sounding synths included in it. I like how it follows the traditional summer sounding idol song structure, which includes lots “Woooos~ and Yeaaahhhs~ “. The chorus easily gets stuck in your head and makes you want to sing to it.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3/5

Yumemiru Adolescence – Sakura

Here we have an interestingly shot PV that is obviously shot with an iPhone. They really do get creative with the shots using different apps and filters to the video to achieve this. It is kind of funny seeing a PV shot like this with some low budget sets looking a lot better than some PVs that use high budgeted CG and terrible washed-out filters. The song itself is quite the masterpiece itself. They use lots of electronic sounds and that you don’t find in regular pop songs. The chords are sort of spooky and wet sounding but somehow work quite nicely. The structure of the song explores quite a bit and you get some good breaks mixed in as well.

Song 5/5

PV 4.5/5

AyumiKurikaMaki – Zanzou Flashback

The first thing that crossed my mind was why this sounded so much like a BiS song. Of course, the man himself Matsukuma Kenta Composed it with the help of SCRAMBLES who arranged it. Given to this this song sounds just as amazing if it were to be given to group of the WACK family. The PV is nice and gritty with plot leaning towards convicts being forced to cage fight.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3/5

Tokyo Girls’ Style – Hatsukoi

“Hatsukoi” is a chill future bass sounding song that plays to Tokyo Girls’ Style strong side. I enjoy this b-side a lot more compared the main track “Last Romance”.  TGS has ability to make amazing future bass songs and I’m glad they haven’t given it up completely. But I still do think its important for them experiment and try new things. I would love it if they started picking up other producers to work with and I think it would help them a lot in their creative process. The PV is starred by Dream5 member Ohara Yuna who does mostly modeling now that group disbanded (she looks ridiculously beautiful in her photobooks ;D ). There isn’t really much to the PV but, It was really awesome to see her just wonder around Tokyo.

Song 4/5

PV 3/5

Flap Girls School – Tabidachi no hi ni

The Flap Girls are back with their traditional idol sounding song “Tabidachi no hi ni”. There is not much to say about this song but that it is an idol as hell idol song. It doesn’t do anything crazy and stays true to genre with your basic synths and sounds. The PV is thankfully shot well and bright with lots of sharpness to it.

Song 2.5/5

PV 3/5


Lastly, we have the sad departing of Pour Lui PV “DiPROMiSE”. I’m not going lie I teared a bit watching this as they included so many good heartfelt clips of Pour Lui. For those people who have or have not been following BiS since its beginning it is just crazy how much of a legacy she left behind. The nostalgia hits really hard and it makes you recognize how iconic her voice was and contribution to the alt-idol culture movement. The song is a fitting powerful rock song that sounds very as much as you expect it to sound. I love how they brought back the quite vocals for Pour Lui’s part in the song. It really brought me back to their songs like “Ash”. I think they did an amazing job making this sound like a song that would have been made at the start of BiS.

Song 4/5

PV 4/5

Idol PV March Part 1

There is just so many Idol PVs that came out for the month of March so I decided to pace myself and split in 2 parts again. I have been busy thinking about other things to write about such some more in depth looks about idol culture and working up some strength to finish my Japan blog. Hopefully I can start working on that as life has got me pretty busy the past few weeks. I also have been working on trying to open my site on a new domain so look forward to that.

Maneki Kecak – Atashi no nokori zenbu ageru

Starting the list this month, we have Maneki Kecak and their emotional song “Atashi no nokori zenbu ageru”. Most songs from this group I find to be really strong ballad like melodic songs. This song is another great addition to their sound. I really love how heavy they made the instrumentals sound and the members do a great job as always conveying emotion. The PV it self is an eight-minute drama which I’m not too big of a fan of. I thought it was typical and boring.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3/5

Tokimeki Sendenbu – TRAP

Strap on your seatbelt because this PV is almost quite literally carpool karaoke. I didn’t think someone could shoot such a terrible PV until now. I think their idea was great but, they mixed the driving audio with the actual song’s and it is quite a horrendous mess. The song itself is quite good and I think might even better performed live. Whatever I heard of the mastered version in the car sounded pretty flat.

Song 3/5

PV 1/5

Cheeky Parade – Answer / Marigold / I Don’t Care

Cheeky Parade decided to drop 3 PVs for their new digital single so lets look at them!


This is your typical Cheeky Parade rock ballad not much to see but your usual excellent vocal work from the members singing a rock ballad song. The PV is quite simple and nice. Its just shots them singing in the practice room and some cuts from their lives.

Song 3.5/5

PV  3/5


A really impressive chill electronic song from Cheeky Parade. It was kind of neat seeing them trying something like this and I thought it fit quite great with their vocals. This is something I hope TGS would have done more of. The PV is a lyric video but is quite impressive. They have some beautiful close up shots of the members and some aesthetic shot of the city.

Song 4/5

PV 3.5/5

I Don’t Care

Another really surprising experimental song from Cheeky Parade that works really well! I never really thought of Cheeky Parade as a group with the ability to rap and have an aggressive groove to their music. I am just blown away how well they executed this genre and love it so much they are trying new things. There isn’t too many Cheeky Parade songs that I think that really differentiate from their discography but this really spices things quite a bit. The PV is a very budgeted live shot but I guess it is fine considering they just released 3 PVs this month.

Song 4/5

PV 2/5

tipToe. – Heartbeat

Kind of a step-down song from their last song “Cream soda no yuutsu” as the melody is less catchy. tipToe.  plays with same traditional pop idol elements in this song and is a pretty decent song at most. The PV is as interesting as the song. Dancing in a dimly lit gymnasium and a whole lot of bland looking colours.

Song 2.5/5

PV 3/5

E-TICKET PRODUCTION – Right Now feat. Mizuha (Sakura Ebis)

This a pretty weak hiphop track compared what other E-TICKET PRODUCTION offers. This honestly might be weakest song from the album next to Summer Rockets attempt a E-TICKET song. I feel like as good the hip-hop beat is the singer’s rap style matters a lot. It really just shows you cant just spit some lines with a fire beat and pray that it works out. The PV itself is quite cool and flexes a bit with the supreme merch which I thought was quite fun.

Song 2.5/5

PV 3.5/5

Chuning Candy – COLOR

A really interesting group that I have a hard time taking seriously because, it just sounds like they just grabbed a bunch of Japanese-American Cali-Girls and dropped them together to make a group. Their singing ability is questionable because the mix of perfect Cali-Girl English and strange sounding Japanese throws me off. I really think the instrumentals and melodies are fantastic but, in the end my instincts go off telling me something is off. The PV is quite normal and low budgeted. Their clothing is quite nice and fits with sunny location.

Song 4/5

PV 3/5


AqbiRec production never ceases to surprise me with their idea to shoot this PV with a bunch of preschoolers. When TTT released their live with preschoolers I thought it was more of a funny joke for the members. SOIL is an amazingly deep emotional song with some quaint and dark obscurities to its lyrics. TTT is a group that don’t have outstanding vocal work, but they are able harmonize to the song in a way its better that they didn’t have that ability. Their screeching and solemn voices just resonates with their music so much. I might be biased as hell, but I just love this groups work with this song.

Song 4.5/5

PV 3/5

Someday Somewhere – Kono koi wa transit

Rino Sashihara has quite the eye for good traditional idol music. With 48 franchise dying and 46 taking the lead with a different approach to idol music, this is a good place for people wanting to move on from 48. Someday Somewhere is a great example of what 48 music should have become. It lighthearted, punchy and catchy. It gives enough to grasp to feel like you’re still living 48 in its golden years. This song is superb for what it attempts to do. The PV is shot interestingly in columns but is a little annoying if you don’t like borders in your videos.

Song 4/5

PV 3.5/5


ONEPIXCEL slowly are becoming a group I listen to a on basis. Their LAGRIMA finally has a month to sink in my head and is tolerable. Also, its unavoidable nature for it being the opening in Dragon Ball Super. Howling is probably 10 times as much catchy than LAGRIMA for its pumping beat and excellent use of synths. The vocals harmonize quite nicely and takes some risks with steady notes. The PV is shot in a well-lit room so it looks great but there is a bit of lens flares from the spotlights on the ground.

Song 4/5

PV 3/5

BESTIEM – Hanky Panky Funky Punky feat. MIRI (RHYMEBERRY)

Can first laugh at the naming of this song and how ridiculous it sounds? As ridiculous this song sounds it is tremendously fun. It starts off as 24K Magic by Bruno Mars but with idols. The song gets more interesting as turns into a more of a Madonna vibe. MIRI from Rhymeberry is a nice addition to the song with some tight bars and lines for the bridges. The PV is them in a empty club dancing around and hanging around outside on what looks like the streets of Shibuya.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3/5


BiSH is back with their song “PAiNT iT BLACK”. I think this song is a very solid BiSH song, but it doesn’t do anything crazy. I love the solid chorus as its very catchy and addictive to listen to. The rest of the song just sort just falls in place and doesn’t do anything special. The PV is a strange, not very well told version of Tokyo Drift. The BiSH members look like side characters of a Fast and Furious movie and do nothing but look amazing in their distant future punk outfits.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3.5/5

sora tob sakana – Lightpool

“Lightpool” is an artsy song with great attention to instrumental detail as the string and drum work is just incredible. They do this sort maison book girl sound without it being too blocky and square sounding. The piano is notes also are a nice accent to all the jazz and pop elements this song entails. The PV’s visuals are artistic and cool looking. I love it when groups do the projector with patterns or vibrant colours in the back.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3.5/5

Niji no Conquistador – Triangle Dreamer

I am really questioning why they decided to make a PV for this song so late in their groups career. “Triangle Dreamer” is Niji no Conquistador’s main song that play at almost every live event. In this PV they put out they updated the vocals with some of the newer members. In my opinion, I don’t really like this version the song because, I find that they really focus on Nemoto Nagi and Tsurumi Moe to carry the song. I would have like to see some of the newer members get some parts. The PV recycles a lot of the members past outfits and shooting sights which I found quite funny. This whole thing to me feels like recycled trash but I enjoy it because of nostalgia.

Song 3.5/5

PV 3/5

Beboga! – Be!

I am not a big fan of Beboga! songs. Their songs are way to chaotic and unidirectional. This song continues that with a shouty idol rock song. I think if I saw this song live I might think differently but in this online format it is a dust cloud of sound. The member vocals aren’t too great and emphasis too much on being cute. The PV is interesting as there is some signature Perorin illustrations and is shot in some fun places.

Song 2.5/5

PV 4.5/5

Kaqriyo Terror Architect – Hide and Seek

Kaqriyo Terror Architect is a group whose music has never failed to stimulate my musical taste. Their music is so creative and intriguing to listen to. They have thrown a ton of the common codomomental genres at them such as rap, scream, rock and electronic. All in which, they prove to do extraordinary well. “Hide and Seek” is a masterpiece along with everything else in their album. The PV is the most interesting thing ive seen a while. The shots are amazing and settings you can tell are pretty high budgeted. The editing with the kaleidoscope effect through the illuminati triangle is so cool as well. I also love all the costumes and props that were involved in the production. This PV is Just perfect.

Song 5/5

PV 5/5

MONDO GROSSO – Itsuwari no Sympathy feat: Aina the End (BiSH)

This song is just fantastic! The sexual drum beat and well placed syths blends so well with Aina’s voice so well. I also just love it when the song picks up and hits the chorus. It is so punch and catchy. Everything about this song just screams Aina. Now to talk about the best part, the PV! You eye just cant escape how sexual it is with Aina Just rolling around and flaunting that perfect piece of booty. That skirt is just so short you can not help but to look at it. The choreo is so on point and the furniture is so aesthetically placed. This PV just makes you breathless.

Song 4.5/5

PV 5/5


Monthly PV Review: February Part 2

Here is long awaited part 2 of the review!!

MIGMA SHELTER – Compression: Free

Migma shelter finally released their first PV and I was so pumped to see what they had to offer. Compression: free is my favorite song that have at the moment.  Migma Shelter music is often describe under the category “Arabic trance”. What I love so much about their music is that it is so beautifully layered. I always comeback and hear something I didnt notice before which makes me appreciate it so much more. Compression: free is an orgasmic journey for the ears that slowly builds up tension and drops you like a rollercoaster. The PV itself doesn’t do much justice to the group because I feel like if they just did a dance shot in a room full of lasers it would have looked so much better. The office tables really restricted the space they could dance and didn’t really add anything to the production of the PV.

GANG PARADE – Toro ikura uni tabetai (Sushi Song)

Time to get hungry from this PV from GANG PARADE. I really enjoy it when GANG PARADE does more EDM focused songs.I think the melodies of this song are just fantastic. It has a very melancholic sound to it that picks up when it gets to the drop.

Team Syachihoko – JUMP MAN

This was a really hopeful and sigh of relief PV. Watching the stardust acts just be devastated last year was one of the craziest things and left a really dark cloud in my mind. I really thought this song would be a solid default rock song, which Stardust usually does when they are out of ideas. This PV was fun and had the craziness that I expect from a Syachihoko song.  If they can keep this up I think it will give me more faith in the future of stardust. Ebichu and Momoiro Clover I could see disbanding but let’s not hope for the worst.

Hachimitsu Rocket – Hachimitsu Rocket ~kogane no nana-ri~

Another Stardust group PV that was surprisingly good! This song is just fun and really catchy. I haven’t payed attention to the other stardust groups but, this made me want to get into them a lot more. Takoyaki Rainbow though I still think needs some work.

Jyu Jyu – Kumo no ito

Jyu Jyu is a group where I often put their music on a shelf and once in a blue moon I do listen to them. Kumo no ito is a eerie rock song that will send shivers down your spine. Thought this song was shot pretty well and suited the mood of the song. Jyu Jyu maybe a little too moody for me but Ill surely listen to this occasionally

Niji no Conquistador – Shinzou ni melody

The first PV they released after they officially announced after Emiri officially announced her graduation from the group, which makes me sad. First thing I want to point out, I’m a big fan of the post-apocalyptic costumes and the wind blowing their capes on the field is so cool. The song however I felt was flat. I guess it is nice to have some pop rock ballads in the folder but this song can easily be skipped.

tipToe. – Cream soda no yuutsu

tiptoe is a group I saw live and they don’t really have a good amount of people following them. They are easily marked as a very underrated group , in my opinion. Their song are really nice and relaxing to listen to. Cream soda no yuutsu is just awesome song if you’re looking for something gentle on the ears.


BiS first big step from being carried by the name Pour Lui. I think song is a great song but I don’t think it was better than their last single. Overall it is a very great solid song that I’ll listen to. It doesn’t try anything to crazy so if you just want another good BiS song, here it is.  The members I feel have grown a lot from their debut and they can really stand on their own. I have really high hopes for them in the future.

EMPiRE – Buttocks beat! beat!

Probably one of the funniest idol PV I ever seen in my life. A mascot in a butt costume chasing members giving them spanks. Is this real life? EMPiRE has gotten some really solid songs in the past and this song is just as powerful as the others. This song has some really fun rock melodies and the bridges are just great. We get some camos from the BiSH members in the PV which is a nice Easter egg they added as well.

Zenryoku Shoujo R – Zenryoku Shoujo R!!!!!!!!2

Zenryoku Shoujo R is a group I think that would be amazing live but the song didn’t really grab me. Assuming this is the studio recording, I felt that the shouting parts was a bit lacking. The costumes shown in the PV I thought were cool they kind of gave a Up! Up! Girls impression.

Yukueshirezu Tsurezure – PARADISE LOST

Finally for this month is Yukueshirezu Tsurezure‘s PARADISE LOST. From the first listen when they released this song on their website I thought it was a pretty boring song. I think I thought this because I was hoping there would be more scream vocals which I love YSTZ for. I also had to adjust to accept Cococo voice wasn’t in the song because of her graduation. After more listens this song really grew on me and I accepted how beautiful it was. Mei the new addition to the group has a really nice voice and I’m really glad they found someone who could cover for Cococo. She really did bring the mood up for the other members which I thought was nice. Going into the costumes for the PV, I don’t like the crimson red dresses. Sure, they go with set somewhat, but it breaks some rules. I feel like costumes should be restricted be blue, white or black which are more common colors seen on YSTZ. It just seems really odd seeing them in a different color.

February PV Review Part 1


Welcome back to my PV review series! The month of February is probably the most busy in idol because we are getting off that new year idol group announcements of changes to member roster and straight into the releases to kick off the year. As you could see, I’ll be dividing this review up into 2 parts because the list is just way too long. This month I think we have some of the more interesting releases of the year! So grab your snack and drink and enjoy the list!!!

BRATS – 決まりごと (Kimarigoto)

Rei Kuromiya is back with her squad to bring you another intense rock song. My feelings about this song is that is very similar to all her other work and there isn’t too much interesting things going on. It is kind of interesting they decided to auto tune some parts but it doesn’t really change much from the BRATS formula. If you like BRATS how they are this song is another solid song for the books.

METROPOLIS – ♪Metrogirl

Metropolis is a group I really wanted to do well because they are produced by my favourite vocaloid producer Camilla. This is the first of their PV’s to be released on youtube that is a full version. I was really hoping this song be more hard-hitting like their previous songs like Please, Dr Tesla and Exodus Girl. Still the song holds up to be a pretty easy to listen to idol song.

AOP – Maboroshi Wink

AOP is a very awesome anisong idol group. Like most anime styled song it is very catchy and fun to listen to.

963 (Kurumi) – Ima, Kimi to Nanairo

963 is a group I haven’t really listened to much but, from what I’ve heard of them their music is often takes some interesting curves. This song was particularly interesting because it was written by Bonjour Suzuki. Bonjour Suzuki if you don’t know is what I like to describe as an ASMR singer. Her style is similar in ways to DAOKO where there is some whispery bits and soft singing parts that tingle the senses. In terms of the song, I felt that this song worked with 963. Although, as a person who does listen to Bonjour Suzuki I’d rather listen to Suzuki sing this because there are just more artifacts to her voice that would make the song more unique which is a personal preference. Still the song is very solid and thought the lyrics and instruments were spot on.


BiSH JAM is a very heart-felt music video with the members meeting up with people they admired. The song itself is not very interesting unless you are just hungry for more BiSH content.

SAKA-SAMA – Owari Kara

SAKA-SAMA seems to be a new group featuring 4 members. They are under Trash-up!! Records similar to ・・・・・・・・・(dots) . I’m not really a big fan of the dreampop, shoegaze style. Though, I can see that many people could like it for its intricate instrumentals. The song is great if you just want something to relax.

Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs! – Standing Double

This song is a homerun! It is mostly everything that I mostly look for when I try to find good idol music to listen to, which is pure fun and energy. This is something I would repeat on player over and over again. The group Playballs stays true their fun and energetic style that can be seen in their previous works. I really love them after seeing them live and I can’t recommend them enough.

mistress – affair

This song I immediately thought sounded like the idol group PassCode. True enough, it is the composer who made Passcode songs. I can’t really say too much about this song because it is pretty much what it looks like out of the box (another PassCode song….). If you like PassCode this is probably an amazing song for you. I really hoped this group would have given something with more personality, but I guess its hard when there is such strong autotuned.

・・・・・・・・・ – Kimi ni ochiru yoru

I have to say this is my favorite dots song. The instrumentals and vocals are so deep and exciting. I watched dots during a taiban and this was the song that gravitated to me the most. If you were always wondering what the hype about dots and wanted a song to love, this is the one. You will definitely see this on my top list at the end of the year because it is just so good! Dots have a couple of songs that I really don’t connect with, but I really try to like it. I really think they are a great group with lots of potential. Really hope we get more stuff like this.

Candye♡Syrup – IDOL DEATH SKA !?

I am a real sucker for ska. Mix it with some idol and some death and you got yourself a blend too cute but deadly to listen to. IDOL DEATH SKA !?is a fun ska song that loves to casually drop f bombs. This song is just awesome to sing to because how humorous and skippy it is.


BREAKING THE ROAD is an another amazing song that has just a brilliant cleanly shot PV. I thought it was really awesome that they figured out a way to mix some very grungy sounding synths with solid rock sound that WACK is really well-known for. Vocals are amazing as usual.


ONEPIXCEL is a group that I think some really clean vocals and it really shows in this song. Although, their vocals are pretty spot on I have some gripes about this instrumental. I think the chorus bass synth is a little bit too offensive being paired with the vocals. It makes the song sound really cheap like a low-end perfume song. LAGRIMA is a song made for the anime Dragonball super as an ending theme which I thought was pretty cool.

Tokyo Girls’ Style – Last Romance

At last we get the one of the potentially most disappointing songs this year. As a really big TGS fan this song just sounds just oddly wrong.  It may be the fact that I was so used to hearing jazzy TGS songs with Ayano and I am just not ready for this change. This song does an effort to keep some of the EDM elements but it isn’t really enough to save it. The only thing I do like in this song is the chorus which I though sounded great with Hitomi but the bridges and everything else sound weird. I think I could like this song with enough listens but, this song really made feel sick. TGS made top #1 song last year so it is kind of sad to say terrible things about them.

2econd Family- Hajimari no Uta

2econd Family is a gem hidden in the rough. I think if you like something that gives strong idol vibes, this should resonate with your heart when you watch it. I think this day and age it is hard to find just purely good standard idols.Their video only has like 400 views so make sure you share them

predia – Hotel Sunset

I absolutely love this song. I really amazed predia is experimenting with so many types of music styles from grungy edm to sexy pop. Hotel Sunset is a swinging jazz song that just works well with their strong vocals. At this point, I think you could probably throw any thing predia’s way and they could probably figure out how to sing in their own way. They are just brilliant.


Monthly Idol PV Review: January

January is the beginning of the new year and this means fresh new idol music to enjoy. I am always looking forward to the first month of new year because you can look back at last year and make fresh new predictions on how groups will do this year. I usually find the first month of the year a bit slow in the idol world. Idols are recovering from holiday festivities and planning out their plans for the year. Surprisingly, the start of this year we got some pretty good bangers out. I made a list PV’s to checkout that I either really enjoyed or have something say about. Enjoy the list and I hope that you keep reading on to the next one!

Must watch PVS

Pimm’s- Life is a Game

Pimm is a group I haven’t taken notice too much, but this song really puts them on my radar and I am sure it did for others. This group has a great set of vocal talent and the line distribution is just marvelous. They have this really awesome idol rock vibe to them that you get from q’ulle and the rap really puts the nail into coffin on how great this song is. The PV is shot pretty well with great lighting and editing. The member outfits are also very on point. The very glamourous punk look match the feel and atmosphere of the song very well.

Koutei Camera Actress – Migi Hidari

I was very skeptical if the new Kouteki Camera Actress would be something I would like and wondered how different it would be from the other sister groups? Based on this PV solely, I think KCA really kept that Tapestok sound of amazing catchy melodies, but I think they kind of lack some character. I’m not sure if they wanted to keep this group as a very clean non-aggressive sounding group but, that’s what I get from it. I’ll have to listen to more of the stuff to really understand the group but, I think this is a very solid song if you love the camera girl franchise.


RHYMEBERRY is group I really enjoy listening to and their stuff is most of the time just spectacular. GA-MAN is a very fun song that I am just always bouncing to. They are probably the most reliable group I can safely say that has some of the cleanest bars in idol.

Broken By The Scream- Koi ha Otome no Nakidokoro

Broken By The Scream is as the name suggests is a scream rock idol group. I just found about this group this year, but it seems they have been active for about a year now. To my amazement, their scream vocal can arguably the best I have heard. I definitely want to check them out live to compare them with Yukueshirezu Tsurezure girls. They seem to be on this whole other level because they have this contrast between low growls and whatever call those ripping screams. The song is amazing, and PV just done damn well. I highly suggest giving this a listen.

Kimura Tofu Ten – Kimi wa Mabo

The group looks like one of those random start groups that comes and goes but hopefully they are here to stay. I absolutely love the Chinese theme songs and if this group just keeps pushing on ill stay and listen. Kimi wa Mabo has some excellent instrumental direction that makes me istantly fall for it. The low buzzy synth bass compliments the lighter traditional Chinese sounds. This PV is also hilarious and spicy if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Fairies HEY HEY 〜Light Me Up〜

YOU MUST WATCH THIS PV!! Fairies has released a handful of amazing songs in the past but I think this one might be my favorite. I am pretty sure this song is going to be on my top charts for the year. Everything about this PV is amazing! From that fiery 90’s techno sound to the amazing work they did with the outfits of the video. Even though the song is a revamp cover of an English song called Vanessa Hey Hey, I think they executed it amazingly. Fairies have a great dance background so visually this comes together seamlessly.

Honorable mentions

La PomPon- Give Me


-Fresh sounding song

-PV is colourful

-Awesome member shots


-Basic sounding idol song

-PV concept too basic

LinQ- Lost Love Photograph


-Solid song for LinQ

-Awesome member shots

-Idol tears


-Felt too safe of a song

Negicco – Calypso Musume ni Hanataba


-Great vocals as always

-Fun tropical sounding instrumentals


-Neggico being Neggico

2o Love to Sweet Bullet – Véga


-Cool otegai

-Really nice EDM instrumentals


-Vocals feel lacking and overshadowed by instrumentals

-Too much going on in the PV

Sakidori Hasshinkyoku – Karimen Destiny


-PV was pretty fun with the racecar theme

– Song is fun and catchy

Tsuri Bit – Fushigi na Tabi wa Tsuzukunosa


-Pretty awesome vocals


-Boring pure holiday ballad

-Too much white filter glare

KAEDE. to YUME. from Devil ANTHEM. – P.M.3


-Throw back to AKB double center feels

-Outfits are cute


-Thought vocals could be better

-Song feels a bit laggy and doesn’t bridge nicely

Tacoyaki Rainbow – Sotsugyou Love Teisutei


-Pretty interesting instrumental choice

-Vocal are a bit charming

-Great member shots


-A ballad like Takoyaki Rainbow song? Expected something more crazy

-Song sounds awkward

-Boring PV concept

Niconico♡LOVERS – Yumemiru Koi Usagi


-Song is super cute reminds me of something HKT48 would release

-Good video shots of the members


-Song gets pretty boring easily

Artist Spotlight: YUC’e


7ede0f7e-2a2f-471e-9f2d-efc20e570aa4_rw_1920.jpgYUC’e is a uprising trackmaker and vocalist that I wanted to write about for a while. Even though she isn’t an idol she has worked with some really amazing producers that have some involvement in the idol scene, such as Yunomi and Toriena. I discovered her work about 2 years ago and have been constantly amazed with her growth in her style and beat making. She is currently my favorite artist and is must listen to artist if you’re into the future bass genre.


I saw and interacted with her on my trip to Japan during the winter holidays. Her set is probably one of best I’ve ever heard. She mostly plays all her own original music and addition spices her jams up with a drumpad, so it is always a treat even if you are familiar with her songs. YUC’e’s presence live is very reflective of her work. She has this aura that makes you want to smile because she is always winking at the audience and has this depth where you can tell she loses herself in her art. Her vocals are cute and charming. Mixed alongside with her crowd calls and upbeat tunes you’ll be clapping and having the time of your life. Seriously if you ever get the chance go see her you won’t regret it.


19155691579129173.jpgGetting more into her bio, YUC’e is a Tokyo based artist and studied music theory abroad. She started releasing her own music in 2015 and co-manages the label, Miraicha Records.  More recently, she has started becoming more part of the Comiket indie artist scene and has worked with a lot of the beatmania producers.



YUC’e has an amazing discography! I just love her because every album and EP release feel different from each other. You can tell her style is constantly evolving and changing. Her experimenting with different sounds almost always works and makes you appreciate the growth she has undergone through the short couple years she has been releasing music.

If I had to recommend songs, I would suggest listening to CHERRY CUBE and Future Cake. CHERRY CUBE is an album where you can understand her roots and really see her music theory shine. The piano progressions in the songs is just straight up genius. The tunes flow from track to track so going through the tracks in order make this album a full course meal for the ears. My second recommendation Future Cake, is more of a marker for how her music is now. They are all have an upbeat future bass sound that makes you just want to dance and every track will have you gasping for air. The beat just pounds and is so solid from start to finish. Check her stuff out below and enjoy this future genius in the making.



  • COSMOSOUP (2015)


  • CHERRY CUBE (2016)
  • Toy Frappe (2016)
  • MOMO SYRUP (2017, with Nor, as beignet)
  • Magical Mixer -YUC’e Remixes- (2017)
  • Mint Comet (2017, with Nor, as beignet)
  • Future Cαke (2017)
  • Maple Trick (2017, with Nor, as beignet)


  • Future Cαndy (2016)
  • macaron moon (2017)





Idol Spotlight: Suzukawa Mashiro AKA Shachi, Mashilo

This week’s spotlight is on Suzukawa Mashiro (涼川ましろ), who also goes by the alias Mashilo and Shachi. I had an itch this week to write about her because, I recently put her songs in my library. A little history on Mashilo, she started her idol career in Iketeru Hearts and then later transferred to DEEP GIRL. On January 17, 2017 Mashilo left DEEP GIRL to join Yunomi produced group Cy8er (, previously known as BPM15Q). Mashilo also has own photobook so check that out.


Nickname: Mashitan (ましたん), Mashirou (マシロー), Mashiro-chan (ましろちゃん)

Birthdate: October 17th

Birthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Zodiac:   Libra

Favorite Food: Silver octopus, cola, sushi, kapuriko

Skills: Painting, shampooing, hair arrangement, plucking

Hobbies: Watching Guroi douga, WWE, plucking, painting, sushi


Mashilo has her own soundcloud where she uploads rap tracks under the name Shachi. Most of her song are very auto-tuned and gives off a very KOHH style feel to her rap. Her bars are can get really tight but sometimes I feel like she ruins it with the autotuned. She has a very good soft high singing voice. I feature here two my favorite songs from her that I believe to be amazing. The two songs I feel had the right amount of auto-tune and compliment her voice very well with the instrumentals.


Main twitter

Shachi Twitter


Idol Spotlight: 2&

2& pronounced (Double And) is a recent (duo but now) solo idol group I discovered on my trip to Japan. The girl who runs the show now is Saki. Her performances are full of energy and her vocals are one of the most unique ones I’ve heard in a while. Meeting up with her to take chekis I was surprised she was the one idol on my trip who had a decent amount English talking skills.




Name: Saki

Birthday: March 11 1997

Height: 148 cm or 4’8

Talent: Gymnastics

Favorite color: Red

Favorite animals: Rabbits

Favorite Food: Sweets

Saki used to be part of the idol group Guso Drop. She announced graduation on September 20, 2016 and would leave on the 31st of that year. Saki has had 2& in the work for 5 years now and is still going strong at small chika idol events. It is very unclear if she is going to release any new music in the upcoming months, but something tells me she is not done just yet.


2013.07.17] [Single] Negaposi monster

[2013.08.14] [Single] Real ~ Dream

[2015.03.11] [ALBUM] LIVE IDoL ARTIST[2016.03.11]

[2016.03.11] [Single] Machigai Darake


2& has this very nice rock sound that is catchy and easy to follow. I find Saki’s voice to be the perfect pairing for this type of genre because her voice is so spunky. It is hard for me to describe it but, please do listen to it and let me know what you think!






Idol Graduations and Disbands vol. 1

This is a new feature I am trying out. Thinking of releasing these maybe monthly. Here is a small taste of what I am trying to do. Next time the list will be longer so hold your butt cheeks.


Nishino Saya announced graduating from Shohjyo-Tai. Nishino is a second-generation member and has been in the group for 3 ½ years. She did not confirm her reason leaving the group but says she want to think about her future. Her last day in the group will be in January 14th





Sato Maaya announced graduation from Aoyama Garden Gakuen. Reasons for graduation are unknown and no dates for last day has been announced.




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